Motorcyclist runs red light, drags policeman 5 meters

A policeman was dragged five meters by a motorcyclist who ran a red light in east China’s Anhui Province.

Chen Huan, the traffic policeman, signalled the man, surnamed, Xia, to stop after the traffic light turned red at a crossroad in Chizhou City.

Xia slowed down and then suddenly accelerated. Chen wanted to stop Xia but was dragged five meters, and fainted.

The suspect was arrested within two hours and detained for seven days.

The incident, which occurred on Nov. 3, came to the spotlight this week, and was widely condemned by Chinese netizens.

Xia was found to have no driving license with him, when rushing the red light. He said he was afraid of being punished if he stopped.

Chen is in a stable condition now.

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