Myanmar’s political transition

Aung San Suu Kyi has been nominated as a Cabinet minister in Myanmar’s civilian government, giving her a formal position, despite being blocked from the presidency in a nation ruled for decades by the military. She and 17 other people will be sworn in on March 30. Ahead of the major transition that lies ahead, we take a look at how the new government will navigate ambitious plans for reform. Can Suu Kyi deliver on campaign promises? How will she and her party work with the military, which will retain power over key ministries? And as the country prepares to undergo rapid economic transformation, what can we expect? Join us for an in-depth discussion with Song Qingrun with the Institute of South and Southeast Asian and Oceanian studies from the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, M.D. Nalapat, UNESCO Peace Chair and Director of the Geopolitics and International Relations Department at Manipal University, and Dr. Olivier Guillard, Associate Research Fellow at the French Institute for International and Strategic Affairs.

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