Nadia Comaneci lauds Cuban government’s support for gymnastics

A heartfelt smile emanating from the face of Romanian Olympic champion Nadia Comaneci just tells her appreciation of the talents and potential of Cuban gymnasts.

(Soundbite) Nadia Comaneci, Olympic Champion
“(It is) very similar to where I grew in Romania (with) the facility. The government is helping and facilitates this wonderful (game).”

Under official invitation, Comaneci paid a visit to the government-funded National School of Gymnastics in Havana on January 22, marveling at the country’s support and input to help the kids grow into excellence.

(Soundbite) Nadia Comaneci, Olympic Champion
“It is good for them. It is good for their health. And, you do not know how far away you are to go. Everybody has dreams.”

With nine Olympic titles and now a world-class promoter for gymnastics, the trip to Havana has committed Comaneci to do more bringing Cuban gymnasts to international tournaments.

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