Nearly 7000 refugees enter Croatia per day

The interior ministers of Croatia and Serbia agreed on Friday a mechanism for solving the refugee crisis.

Croatian interior minister met with his Serbian counterpart at the Bajakovo border crossing, said they agreed that refugees would be transported directly from Serbian border town of Sid by trains to Croatian town of Slavonski Brod where a winter transit center would be completed soon.

The two ministers also agreed that the registration of refugees in Serbia would be used as “a ticket” for their passage through Croatia, local media reported.

They agreed more Serbian police would work at Serbian border of Berkasovo to relieve the pressure on neighboring Bapska in Croatian side.

A large number of refugees were still arriving by bus at Serbian border crossing of Berkasovo, from where they were entering Croatia at Bapska.

On Thursday alone,nearly 7,000 refugees entered Croatia from Serbia.

SOUNDBITE (Arabic) ZAID, Syrian Refugee:
“We didn’t have transport, we walked last night. I have an old lady with me. Do you think we can handle this?”

According to the interior ministry, More than 222,500 refugees entered the country from mid-September.

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