Nepal expresses gratitude to China for support

Saturday marked the 60th anniversary of the establishment of China-Nepal diplomatic ties.

Nepal says it appreciates the assistance of its northern neighbor China as a valued development partner and a reliable friend on the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee commemoration.


A commemorative reception was hosted by the Nepalese government in Kathmandu on Saturday evening.

Nepalese Prime Minister Sushil Koirala thanked the Chinese government for continued goodwill and support to development endeavors of Nepal.

China has pledged about 480 million U.S. dollars in aid for quake-stricken Nepal’s reconstruction process.

“The continuous development of friendly cooperation between China and Nepal was not only in the interest of the people of two countries, but also in the interest of the solidarity o Asian countries and world peace”.

The Chinese Ambassador to Nepal said China and Nepal share the best friendship and it’s beneficial to both countries.

SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH): WU CHUNTAI, Chinese Ambassador to Nepal
“Our bilateral trade and economic cooperation has also grown stronger and beneficial for people of both nations. Frequent people to people and cultural exchanges over the years bring our old-age relation closer and closer.”

Nepal and China established diplomatic relations on Aug. 1, 1955.

The Nepalese government also published commemorative postal stamps to mark the anniversary.

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