Nepalese students protest against Indian blockade

Hundreds of students gathered in Nepal’s capital on Friday, forming a human chain against an “unofficial” blockade by India.

The students lined the Ring Road that circles Kathmandu to demand an immediate lifting of the blockade.

“The blockade has hampered our education seriously so we are here to request the Indian side to lift the blockade and ensure us right to education.”

“It’s difficult for students to get to school, as vehicles could not run due to the fuel crisis. They should think about our future”.

India has restricted fuel supplies to Nepal, after the Himalayan country adopted a new constitution in September, which caused severe shortages of fuel and an increase in food prices.

Many Nepalese believe that India is imposing an “undeclared blockade”, as the constitution reportedly did not meet its expectation. India, however, has denied the claim.

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