Never Let You Go: Actress Sheila Sim stars in our VHS-tastic tribute to the glorious 80s

What is it about the 80s that’s endured the times to continue being a major influence in fashion and pop culture even today? From Stranger Things to Bandersnatch to the runways of Paris, the era of dayglo fabulousness and mom jeans looks here to stay. Is it an appropriation of the time of our lives (well, some of us, anyway)? Sure. Do we love it anyway? Hell, yeah.

Hit play for CNA Luxury’s tribute to a truly great era, starring the wonderful Sheila Sim.
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Director of photography: Colin Wee, Melvin Chen & Jef Tham
Production manager: Celestine Sng
Editing & VFX: Jason Riley
Stylist: Jeremy Tan
Makeup: Clarence Lee using Chanel
Hair: Dexter Ng
Style editor: Serene Seow
Senior art director: Chern Ling & Jasper Loh
Senior editor: Shamala Rajendran
Supervising editor: Phin Wong

Filmed on location at Siri House Dempsey

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