New airport in SW China ethnic tourism hub

With an altitude of nearly 3,300 meters, the Ninglang Lugu Lake Airport becomes the highest airport in Yunnan.

It is located 60 km north of Ninglang Yi Autonomous County of Lijiang City and 50 km from Lugu Lake, where some 40,000 Mosuo ethnic minorities live in a cluster of wood-frame houses, stretching over an area of 60-sq-km.

It is a popular tourism destination in Yunnan.

Unlike the majority of China’s ethnic groups who follow a strong patrilineal tradition, Mosuo people have preserved their ancient matriarchal system and the tradition of “walking marriage”.

The new airport, also the 13th in Yunnan, will only serve domestic flights, with the first flights linking Lugu Lake and the regional capital Kunming launched by China Eastern Airlines on Monday.

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