New high-speed railway starts operation in SW China

A new high-speed rail service in southwest China, linking Chengdu, capital of Sichuan Province, and another mega city, Chongqing.

“I’m really lucky to take the first high-speed train. It feels nice, just like boarding a plane. And we can use WIFI, which is convenient.”

It’s a region known for its treacherous mountains and difficult roads.

Chengdu and Chongqing are only over 300 km apart.

It used to take 13 hours to travel on Chengyu Railway, which links the two cities and is the first ever railway built after the founding of new China.

Now it only takes one and a half hours to travel on Chengyu High Speed Rail.

SOUNDBITE: JIANG WENJUN, Chongqing Leheledu Tourism Co.
“An old saying goes, it’s more difficult to travel on roads in Sichuan than climb to the skies. Now the Chengyu High Speed Rail makes it so easy to travel.”

23 pairs of trains will operate between the two cities each day in the coming two weeks, and more than 30 pairs will run on the railway after Jan. 10.

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