New tech for making custom suits

Forget about the lengthy and fussy process of taking all the measurements you need for a really fitting, elegant, high-quality custom suit.

All you need to do now is stepping into a coach bus.

Private customization company Red Collar has adopted a new way to measure a customer’s shoulder, waist, arms and legs.

Customers just need to wear a disposable tight-fitting suit and stand under a LED light.

In two seconds, 22 key figures about his or her body would show up thanks to the new technology the bus has equipped with.

Customers can also download a mobile app for submitting specific requirements about their one-of-a-kind attire.

LIU JIALI, Red Collar Private Customization:
“There are many styles that you can find on the app. You can choose whatever materials and styles you like.”

It also helps boost efficiency for tailors as they could easily find out the details about the suits they need to make through the database.

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