Nope, Putin doesn’t have Parkinson’s

Doctors often look to asymmetrical arm swings for indication of Parkinson’s disease,
But one man provides an exception to their methods of pre-diagnosis.
Dutch, Italian and Portuguese researchers have found Vladimir Putin’s asymmetrical arm swings to be those of distinct “gunslinger’s gait.”
Video footage of Putin shows the Russian President walking with his left arm swinging normally and his right arm barely moving.
But videos also show Putin as a man of excellent motor skills as a horse-rider, judo black belt, swimmer, weightlifter, and a document signer with confident and steady handwriting.
The researchers found an explanation to Putin’s asymmetrical arm swings from a Soviet-era military training manual.
The manual instructs trainees to keep their rifles in their right hands close to their chest and swing their left arm somewhat in the direction of their movement.

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