Nouvelle robots fascinate visitors of Chilean Congress of Future

This may be judged as a novelist or a professor, though looking a little bit retarded.

Never mind, he was not a real person, but one of the novelty robots exhibited at the 5th Congress of Future, which opened on January 19 and lasts six days in Chile’s capital city of Santiago.

More surprises occurred, when President Michelle Bachelet came to the arena to congratulate the convention, which used to elate her country as the vanguard of artificial intelligence in Latin America.

Yes, it was a soccer match played by two teams of androids.

As in a human competition, these automated mechanical products could seldom avoid to be knocked down to the ground.

What amazed Bachelet was that they could stand up again by themselves, almost emulating human reactions.

More than 90 international exhibitors attended the show, which will be expanded later to six other regions of the country.

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