Obama to be welcomed with hospitality in Cuba

The Cuban government said Thursday that it would receive U.S. President Barack Obama “with hospitality” during his upcoming trip to the island on March 21 and 22.

Soundbite (Spanish) : Josefina Vidal, Director general for U.S. Affairs at Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs
“The American president will be welcomed by the government and people of Cuba, with the hospitality that characterizes it. This will be an opportunity for President Obama to appreciate the Cuban reality and to continue exchanges about broadening dialogue and bilateral cooperation on matters of mutual interest.”

Obama’s visit will be the first by an American president to the island since Calvin Coolidge travelled to Havana in January 1928.

The trip will come 15 months after the December 2014, which began the process of restoring diplomatic ties after over 50 years of enmity.

Cuba and the U.S. formally restored diplomatic ties and reopened their embassies in Washington DC and Havana on July 20, 2015.

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