Oldest flower fossil exhibited at private museum in Argentina

Entering the Museum of Geology and Paleontology, you will marvel at the 10,000 fossils, 3,000 mineral samples and 100 stuffed animals aging hundreds of millions of years old.

They were collected over the years from the surrounding Patagonian Plateau in southern Argentina by Rodolfo Corsolini and his son Julian.

(Soundbite) Rodolfo Corsolini, Archeologist and Paleontologist
“This material, this fossil of flower was found in a field in Patagonia here a few years ago and turned out to be the oldest composite flower from the ancient world.”

The flower stone was believed to be formed 47.5 million years ago, while his other collections from dinosaur eggs to shark teeth were dated as old as 500 million years ago.

(Soundbite) Rodolfo Corsolini, Archeologist and Paleontologist
“We name the genus and species as Tehuelche. It means the primitive Indians here in Patagonia. The stone itself is designated with the name of Reigurraishin Cura, which means Stone Flower in the language of Tehuelche.”

Working at the laboratory adjacent to the museum is Corsolini Julian, son of Rodolfo.

He is trying to reconstruct the skeleton of a plant-eating dinosaur about 74 million years old.

Learning and reinventing the craft and knowledge from his father, Julian radiates some hope for the secluded profession and the survival of this isolated museum.

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