Olympic souvenirs made in China the best selling attraction at Rio shops

Olympic souvenirs made in China the best-selling attraction at Rio shops

For several dollars to a thousand, you can pick up your favorite 2016 Olympic souvenirs at the largest authorized shop in Copacabana in southern Rio de Janeiro.

(Soundbite) Nick Price, Chief Commercial Officer of Licensed Souvenir Shops
“We are very proud to be the exclusive in venues, (as) retail partner to the 2016 Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games. So if you have a ticket, we have at least one store in every single venue. So we have nearly 90 stores in total, all of which we will open in two-week time. Plus, we have Copacabana, the mega store on Copacabana, which is open to anybody.”

This merchandise flagship store covers an area of about 1,800 square meters, expecting to receive 20,000 customers per day.
Among the 3,000 kinds of commodities, the Olympic mascots Vinicius and Tom are the most worthy to buy and keep at home.

(Soundbite) Nick Price, Chief Commercial Officer
“The best selling product by category is always T-shirt. The best selling by unit will be this fellow, Vinicius.”

These licensed mascot toys were made in China a hundred percent by the Beijing Honav Culture Development Company, who also designed and made badges and handicrafts for the Games.

(Soundbite) Chen Shaoshu, Honav Chairman
“We have cooperated with the Olympic Committee since the London Games. For the Rio Games, we have expanded the categories. For the Beijing and the London Olympics, we only manufactured handicrafts and badges. Plush toys are added for the Rio Games.”

Except for souvenirs, the store offers beach outfits like bikini, flip-flops, towels and lotion for sunbath.

(Soundbite) Omar Gomez, Mexican Tourist
“I bought a T-shirt of the Brazilian Team. I hope I will fit.”

(Soundbite) Matias Novoa, Chilean Tourist
“My brother bought a Lego model of the mascot. Before, I bought the Chilean Team’s badge.”

Around 500,000 foreigners are expected in Brazil for the Games during August and September, which is viewed as a hugely profitable opportunity for these franchises shops.

(Soundbite) Nick Price, Chief Commercial Officer
“We have been open here for Copacabana for two weeks. Our sales are very strong. So we think the Brazilian people will embrace the Games. People of Rio, as people of London did, will completely embrace the Games, so we are very confident.” ■

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