Olympic swimmer Xu defeats tension

On the third matchday of Rio Games, Chinese Xu Jiayu took silver in men’s 100m backstroke swimming final. It is the first time for the 21-year-old swimmer to get such good score in the Olympics.

According to his family and colleagues, the new Olympic winner Xu Jiayu was once a very nervous boy. He trained hard. However, whenever comes to the big games, it’s difficult for him to defeat his tension. But this time, in Rio, things changed.

SOUNDBITE (Chinese): Bai Anqi, former member of National Swimming Team
“Xu works very hard. He won’t stop training when he wears out.I have watched many of his former competitions. Always, he seemed very nervous. However, this time he tranfered the pressure into power, and he did quite well.”

SOUNDBITE (Chinese): Lv Zhiwu, former member of National Swimming Team
“I am looking forward to seeing him winning the gold. He has the strength.”

His family was exicted and proud to see his outstanding performance. What impressed them more was Xu finally defeated his pressure and tension.They hope the boy can get better score in the following competitions.

SOUNDBITE (Chinese): Xu Jinrong, Xu’s Father
“This time, he becomes quite mature. And I can see his progress in every aspect, including his courage and his strength. I think this is his best performance ever, most steady and most relaxed.”

Later, Xu Jiayu will compete in the men’s 200 meters backstoke and 4X100 medley race.

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