Outgoing Taiwan leader leaves legacy of cross-Strait ties

Ma Ying-jeou leaves behind a mixed legacy, but the outgoing Taiwan leader breathed new life into cross-Strait relations during his eight years at the top. Cross-Strait ties began to warm up after Ma, from the mainland-friendly Kuomintang party, came to power in 2008. He fostered closer exchanges in a wide range of sectors including the economy, culture, education and tourism. The leader will be stepping down on May 20 after completing his second term in office. Ma will be replaced by the Democratic Progressive Party’s Tsai Ing-wen. What should we expect for cross-Strait ties under the new leadership? Zhong Houtao of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Joanna Lei of the Chunghua 21st Century Thinktank, and Douglas Paal of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace take a deeper look.

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