Over 500,000 Cubans mark International Worker’s Day

Over 500,000 Cubans mark International Worker’s Day

With hand waves from the dais on the Revolution Square, Cuban President Raul Castro inaugurates the annual celebration of the International Worker’s Day in Havana on May 1.

(Soundbite) Ulises Guilarte, President of Workers’ Central Union
“This May 1 is a day to denounce the maneuvers aimed at undermining the regional integration processes in Latin America, reversing the progress made in social policies and destabilizing the leftist and progressive governments in power.”

Of course, placards with photos of the octogenarian country leader and his elder brother as well as predecessor Fidel Castro are a must-have among the crowds.

(Soundbite) Lidia Navarro, Worker
“We Cuban workers feel the joy to express our solidarity and commitment to the revolution and to the just causes of humanity. That’s the most special thing about celebrating May 1 in this country.”

Over 500,000 Cubans march in Havana and more than 1,000 representatives of trade unions from 68 countries are invited to the festivities on the island.

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