Pageant highlights beauty, virtue of Chinese women in Panama

Seven finalists showcased the beauty, intelligence and virtue of the local Chinese community Sunday at Reina China Panama 2015 in Panama City.

(Soundbite) Ileana Wong, General Manager of Reina China Panama 2015
“This event exalts not only the beauty of Chinese females, but the traditional values and culture of China. The seven finalists today will later join social service and other development projects.”

As one of the most important cultural activities of the Chinese community in Panama, the annual pageant provided a chance for the second generation of Chinese immigrants, between 17 and24 years old, to present their wit and glamour.

(Soundbite) Ileana Wong, General Manager of Reina China Panama 2015
“It’s very important for our integration. We are in Panama, a country of great mixture of culture and traditions. The Chinese community in Panama is very large, doing trade in all parts of the country and contributing a lot to the society.”

The contestants were all single and spoke Spanish and Chinese. The lucky ones of them will later depart for Honduras for regional competition of Central America in late August.

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