Pakistan diplomat arrives in India

Pakistan’s top diplomat, Foreign Secretary Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry, has arrived in New Delhi to attend the sixth ‘Heart of Asia’ conference. The event is aimed at cementing regional ties and eliminating poverty and extremism in the region.
2)Protesters demand parliamentary vote in Baghdad
Tens of thousands of protesters have taken over central Baghdad to demand a new parliamentary vote, as divisions in government hurt economic growth. Demonstrators marched from Baghdad’s city center to government headquarters in the capital’s heavily-fortified Green Zone. Iraq’s government has made little progress against ISIL militants and has failed to pull the country out of a major economic crisis. Protests have erupted in cities across the country in recent weeks.
3) Turkish police clash with Muslim protesters
Turkish police have clashed with religious demonstrators demanding the country adopt a Muslim constitution. Security forces fired tear gas on more than 100 protesters outside Ankara’s parliament building to stop them from making a press declaration. A call by Turkey’s parliament speaker to drop constitutional references to secularism triggered the demonstrations. A parliamentary commission on the constitution says Turkey will remain a secular country. 
4)South Sudan rebel chief arrives in Juba to take post of VP
In South Sudan, the rebel chief, Riek Machar, has arrived in the country’s capital Juba to take the post of vice president as part of a deal to end the civil war. Machar arrived aboard a UN plane amid tight security from the government and opposition forces. He is expected to head immediately to the presidential palace to be sworn in alongside his arch rival, President Salva Kiir. This will mark the beginning of a 30-month transitional period under a unity government.

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