Pakistan University attack: 5 suspects arrested

Pakistani army says it has arrested five suspects involving in Wednesday’s university assault, which killed 21 people.

All the arrests were made in Mardan, a major town nearly 60 kilometers from Peshawar.

The army displayed the suspects at a news conference on Saturday in the city of Peshawar.

A traced phone conversation between the mastermind Taliban commander and a Pakistani reporter was also played before media in which the commander claimed responsibility for the attack.

Military spokesman Asim Bajwa said that Taliban commander Omar and his deputy Zakir commanded the attack from Afghanistan.

According to the army, the attackers came to Mardan from border town of Torkhan by public transport.

Two women were used to carry arms for the attack from tribal area to dodge checking.

One of the suspects, who used to work in the campus, provided the map of the university.

But the army said the search is still going on as one suspect is still at large.

Four militants stormed Bacha Khan university in northwestern Pakistan on Wednesday, killing 21 people before they were gunned down by security forces.

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