Panama holds annual Fitness and Bodybuilding Championship

Panama held its annual National Championship of Fitness and Bodybuilding on Sept. 26 in its capital Panama City, with chunks of muscle of the male contestants earning consistent wild applause from the audience.

(Soundbite) Cristian Santamaria, Competitor
“I advise you to follow the discipline, and it is something very nice. When you share with others, you make a decision on diet, training, mainly for staying healthy and looking good. That’s very emotional.”

The sport has been popular in this Central American country and the competition attracted ardent participants from across the country.

(Soundbite) Cristian Gomez, Competitor
“Not everyone can compete in this sport, because it is a much sacrificed one. It needs discipline, food, money and big money.”

The contestants winning the top titles will represent Panama in upcoming international events.

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