Panama provides shelter for Cuban immigrants destined for U.S.

The Panamanian government has been setting up tents and basic services for over 2,000 Cuban immigrants, who were stranded in the community of Paso Canoas bordering with Costa Rica, according to official source on December 21.

(Soundbite) Isabel De Saint De Alvarado, Vice President and Foreign Minister of Panama
“For Panama this is an issue where the most important thing is human rights. It is a humanitarian situation. We are doing everything necessary to accommodate this situation and accompany migrants. Migration is a right.”

Due to blockade of Costa Rica, the Cubans were stalemated on their way north through Central America to their destination – the United States.

The National Immigration Service of Panama has notified the entries of 775 Cubans so far the past week, and the upcoming number is still hard to fathom.

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