Peru opts out of Dakar Rally due to El Nino, fans lament

(Soundbite) JULIAN PENA, Salesman
“I don’t think it right for Lima to opt out of the rally. It is good to hold the event here because this is a very attractive city. I think it a very excessive measure to drop the rights (to host the 2015 and 2016 legs of the rally).”

(Soundbite) WILLIAMS AREVALO, Rally Fan
“My opinion is that we should go for it. One, it is exciting to see vehicles racing past. Two, a lot of tourists will come for sight-seeing. Traveling will be prosperous here in Peru, because we have many sight-seeing spots.”

(Soundbite) ANTONIO PADILLA, Retiree
“It seems reasonable (that the government decides to cancel the legs), because the El Niño will be here. It is prognosis to be guarded. I support the decision in order to avoid casualty.”

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