Peru’s new president outlines ambitious vision in inauguration speech

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski was sworn in as the president of Peru on July 28, promising a social revolution and to build a modern and safe country free of discrimination.

(Soundbite) Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, Peruvian President
“I want to assure everyone my thanks and my commitment for the whole country to reaching the goal of peace and union of all the Peruvians in the bicentennial of our independence and during exactly the next five years. My duty is to fulfill the dream of the founders of our republic, for peace if not confrontation, and for union and if not division.”

The new president was sworn in at Parliament from former president Ollanta Humala. He will govern until 2021.

(Soundbite) Tania Pariona, Peruvian Parliamentarian
“I cherish some points of the new president. Among them the idea of modernizing the country, not only in terms of economic growth but in social investment, human development and closing the gap that the country still has between the urban and the rural areas, between the poor and the not poor, as well as between the indigenous and the non-indigenous, He also noted to have a country without discrimination.”

Besides for economic development, Kuczynski outlined his government’s other objectives, including education, health and judicial system reform, improvement of common security, as well as solution of inequality.

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