Peruvian girl makes one paper folding a day for 2015

One paper folding a day and 365 in all for the year of 2015 – this is what Ana Casaverde has achieved and exhibited at her show in Lima, capital city of Peru, on February.

(Soundbite) Ana Casaverde, Paper Folder
“I fold all kinds of objects. You can find your subjects on social networks and other platforms. For example, I like movies and cartoons. It pretty much depends on what you’re watching or what happens.”

Ana folded all her works by hands, without using scissors, glue or other materials, which highlighted her skill and ability to copy and replicate shapes.

(Soundbite) Ana Casaverde, Paper Folder
“You can see I also make Peruvian shirt out of paper. When Google changes its logo, I make a copy. When the film Star Wars is on, I also make one.”

Since learning the paper folding technique from Japan, where it was originated with the name of origami, Ana has decided to uphold the year-round project to make the art better known in Peru.

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