Peruvian presidential candidates exchange fire in final debate before runoff vote

Peru presidential hopefuls Keiko Fujimori and Pedro Pablo Kuczynski touted their political leadership blueprints on May 29 in Lima in a final debate one week before a runoff vote.

(Soundbite) Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, Presidential Candidate
“I want to make a call to all Peruvians, of any political conviction, to defend freedom, and to close step with our votes to the return of dictatorship and corruption. It is now or never our citizens (get united) until the last table, and until the last vote. Long life to Peru!”

The 77-year-old economist Kuczynski slightly lagged behind in popular polls.

His strong attack was resiliently off-balanced by the 41-year-old competitor, daughter of former president Alberto Fujimori who is now in jail for masterminding massacres.

(Soundbite) Keiko Fujimori, Presidential Candidate
“We are approaching the end of this campaign and in this last section, some resort to violence, insult, lies and defamation. I will continue traveling, listening, and carrying on our message of future security, change and hope.”

The runoff vote is scheduled for June 5 in the fast growing economy in Latin America.

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