Peruvian youths encouraged to stake business future on China

(Soundbite) Carol Osorio, Business Consultant
“China is a very attractive market. It is an example for us.”
(Soundbite) Chris Ochoa, Counselor
“Peruvians should take the opportunity create business for our country.”

Five Peruvian young people held a panel on Sunday at the 20th International Book Fair of Lima to discuss career development and entrepreneurship opportunities within the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Peru and China.

(Soundbite) Carol Osorio, Business Consultant
“China is a country with many products and entrepreneurs. It is interesting to negotiate with Chinese partners.”

The panelists thought that the bilateral FTA would not mean that China will crush the national productive apparatus of Peru, but rather create a balance with Peru as the country moves towards globalization.

(Soundbite) Chris Ochoa, Counselor
“Working with China, we can invest in and export to another country, and find alternative solution for the development of Peru.”

Meanwhile, the panel tackled China’s population size, its virtues of self-sacrifice and hard work, as well as its capacity for growth, which inspired the audience to assist in building a Peruvian development model integrating its natural resources and minerals to produce value-added commodities.

The China-Peru FTA went into force in March 2010. The two-way trade volumes amounted to almost 16 million U.S. dollars in 2014 alone.

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