Peruvians amazed by beauty of Chinese paper cutting

An embrace between lovers in traditional costumes excited the Peruvians attending the workshop at the 20th International Book Fair on July 28 in Lima to learn cutting the Chinese character “Double Happiness” out of red papers as conventional blessings for newlyweds.

(Soundbite) Rosa Filipchuk, Co-director of ICURP
“First, it is the story. It is like how cutting paper appears. Second, they’ll be interested in how they get engaged. They will join, cut the paper and come to realize the importance of delicacy and finesse.”

The story about “Double Happiness” was explained by the teachers and volunteers of the Confucius Institute at the Ricardo Palma University (ICURP) and the technique demonstrated for the participants to follow.

(Soundbite) Isabel Bautista
“It means for the Chinese Valentine’s Day, when people present a token of love and fidelity to their partners. It means the happiness that is shared by two who love each other.”

Besides the popular Chinese character, parents and children practiced to cut out flowers, pumpkins and birds, the most frequent images of the art that had been listed by UNESCO as an intangible heritage of humanity of China.

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