Pet blood donation welcomed in Mexico

This bulldog just can’t wait to donate his blood. Even a hush and pat from his owner doesn’t calm him down.
At Mexico’s first veterinary blood bank in sight-seeing city Merida on southern peninsula Yucatan, Director Martinez collects blood from kind-hearted pets in preparation to save their ailing peers.
(Soundbite) Jesus Magana Martinez, Director of Veterinary Blood Bank
“It really did not exist before. When we took our health license, it proved that we were the number one veterinary blood bank in Mexico, and globally the 17th.”
The service has been running for a year, yet already become known across Mexico.
(Soundbite) Lizbeth Estrella Galindo, Dog Owner
“Actually I have five dogs. All of them have been here for donation. They donate just in case they need blood sometime. Pet owners should be aware that the donation involves love and care.”
His recent success has made Martinez more determined than ever to highlight the culture of donation from pets to protect human kinds’ dearest companions.

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