Photo show highlights revolutionary years of Fidel Castro

Photo show highlights revolutionary years of Fidel Castro

A leading Cuba newspaper inaugurated a photo exhibition about veteran leader Fidel Castro on August 10 in Havana to highlight his revolutionary years ahead of his 89th birthday on August 13.

(Soundbite) Miguel Díaz Canel, First Vice President of Cuba
“I believe that the exhibition reflects his revolutionary career through the pictures that the journalists of the newspaper have taken in more than 50 years. In addition to celebrating Fidel’s birthday, this is a gratitude to the newspaper, whose pictures reflect the various facets of Fidel’s life.”

The exhibition was named “A Rebel in Rebelde” and composed 50 years of photos taken by the photographers of the Juventud Rebelde newspaper.

(Soundbite) Marina Menéndez, Director of Juventud Rebelde
“We are very happy, like whole Cuba, that the Commandant’s birthday is arriving. He not only founded the newspaper, but rather continues inspiring us. He gives us a lot of affection, which is shown here and now in our file pictures. We have chosen the moments in his 50 years that we consider more important and expressive of his personality.”

The images on show are considered to be a testimony of Castro’s presence and footprints of Castro exclusively recorded by the newspaper.

(Soundbite) Miguel Díaz Canel, First Vice President of Cuba
“Fidel’s birthday always provokes in different ways that we want to have the homage that he deserves. Some of us make it from a more intimate position, thinking of the things that he has said and meditating on his thought.”

Fidel Castro was born on August 13, 1926 in the remote Birán region, now the county of Holguín, about 700 kilometers to the east of Havana.

He started the Cuban Revolution, took power in January 1959 and led the island for almost five decades against the United States’ trade embargo while forging strong alliance with certain regional and Asian countries.

(Soundbite) Juan Moreno, Photographer of Juventud Rebelde
“For my part, I already told you, he is the big man, not only for me but for all the Cubans. Thanks to the efforts by him and all those who died for the revolution or made the revolution succeed, I have been able to make what I am today: a photographer.”

Fidel transferred power to his brother Raul in the summer of 2006 due to poor health. He has published articles on historical and international topics ever since, while making public appearances now and then.

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