Pole dancing into National Theatre of El Salvador

A maiden show of pole dancing at the National Theater on Sept. 13 just marveled the widely conservative El Salvadoran audience, as this type of performance was usually linked with low-taste erotica but transformed into high-end art tonight at the grandest rendezvous of the Central American country.

(Soundbite) Fabio Diaz, Show Assistant
“It is good because other than (erotica) it is art. It is healthy for everyone and makes you stay in shape.”

Against the barriers of a conservative society, the performers have practices for more than three years prior to the show, thanks to the willpower and persistence of Monica Delgado, instructor of the troupe.

(Soundbite) Monica Delgado, Instructor of the Troupe
“And gradually it has been introduced to the people of El Salvador, mostly by word of mouth. Website and social media like FaceBook played a role in attracting trainees to my classes. However, I know that many Salvadorans still do not know this exercise is an artistic discipline and good for fitness.”

Monica Delgado was lucky for the show turned out to be a success, which may establish a good reputation for the sport-like dancing style and bring more people to her classroom.

(Soundbite) Veronica Benitez, Poledancer
“It was the ultimate reality that the body and the mind are fully working. You have more self-confidence. It is good for my daughter, too, because we practice together. I think both of us are going really well with it.”

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