Police officer refuses help, receives praise online

Video footage showing a police officer named Liu falling down a sinkhole and refusing rescue attempts from his fellow officers has become an Internet sensation, with netizens hailing him as “China’s good police officer.”
Last Friday, Jianshi County, in central China’s Hubei Province, was hit by a heavy rainstorm, with the highest rainfall reaching higher than 300 millimeters, wreaking havoc on local traffic.
To cordon off a dilapidated bridge, Officer Liu accidentally fell into a sinkhole next to a torrential river, whose levels had risen from consecutive rainstorms.
Thinking of the rescuers’ safety, Liu decided to reject their help but maneuvered his way out from underground, thanks to an opening on the bank.
Since the video footage went viral, netizens have expressed their concerns for all police officers who have been standing guard over people’s safety and traffic order in rainstorm-stricken regions throughout the country.
“The nation’s good police officer! Trapped in danger, [he] is still considerate of others. Not terrified by danger, a real man’s temperament. It is worthy of admiration. Wish all police officers are healthy and safe,” commented @Junzhu17811
“This is the police, who are always ready to protect others, although they are in danger,” said @Qianruoxiamo____.
“Facing death threats, people are selfish. Thumbs-up for his altruistic behavior,” said @Xinadainongyeqingnian.

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