Policeman praised for apology after violent arrest in restaurant

A Chinese policeman has won praise for his very public apology made after apprehending a suspect in chaotic scenes in a busy restaurant.
As shown by footage posted online following the incident in Chongqing city last week, the policeman and a number of colleagues stormed into the restaurant and grappled the suspect under control. With customers’ meals forgotten as they watched the violent arrest, the cop then promised the restaurant owner compensation for any damage caused to her business, and apologized to all the diners. He explained that the man they arrested was a dangerous suspect and said that he was sorry if he frightened or shocked them.
The customers burst into applause following the apology.
The footage, which appears to have been shot on a mobile phone, went viral almost as soon as it was uploaded. Not only have netizens praised the policeman, but the Ministry of Public Security said on its microblog that his actions will have helped improve relations between police and the public.
Officials have been growing increasingly concerned about public perceptions of the police in the age of camera phones. Last month, the Ministry of Public Security warned police officers that they should get used to the added scrutiny that comes when enforcing the law in front of passers-by who can record and publish visual records of their actions.

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