Polo, an educated pig walking around Mazatlan of Mexico

His weight, over 100kg, attracts the attention of young people, who run to pet him or to take a selfie with him. Polo the pig is only too happy to pose, in exchange for some animal crackers.

(Soundbite, Spanish) Isabel Escutia, youngster from Mazatlan
“First, it gave me a good laugh to see a pig of this size. It is almost like a god. It made me very curious and watching it made me want to pet him. I was happy to see he was not at all aggressive.”

A Vietnamese pig crossed with another breed allowed him to grow beyond normal measure. Polo is not aggressive and very obedient. Its owner, Jesus Velarde, has had all kinds of animals as he simply enjoy their company.

(Soundbite, Spanish) Jesus Velarde, owner of Polo the pig
“I like this pig. I have all sorts of dogs but none attracted the same attention as this animals. This one is popular so I keep it around. I have raised pigs, boars, dogs, horses and badgers but never have I had a pig like this, whom I could walk with along the boardwalk.”

Velarde was given Polo as a piglet and raised him on cow’s milk on kibble. Now, Polo is three years old and is considered part of the family. He can sleep in Velarde’s room and enjoys the air conditioning when it is hot.

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