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Joe Endam has been working as a mountain guide and trainer at Mount Kinabalu for 8 years. On June 5th, he lost his best friends to the earthquake that struck Sabah. This is his story.

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Catch documentary special Heart of Courage: Sabah Guides on Channel NewsAsia, Jun 23, at 8.30pm.

About The Series:
A magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck Sabah, Malaysia on 5 June 2015. It’s the strongest quake to hit Malaysia since 1976. 18 people died while climbing Mount Kinabalu, while about 137 other people were stranded but later rescued. These are the stories of some of the earthquake victims, survivors, rescuers and their communities.

Special Thanks:
Joe Endam & Family
Amazing Borneo & Staff
Mountain Torq & Staff

Earthquake & Rescue Footage:
Khumaini Ismail
Safrey Sumping

Ray Yeh
Shushan Lam

Video Editor/Post-production:
Kim Wong

Ray Yeh [[email protected]]

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