Post-conflict construction relys on self-respect and global help

If a full peace deal with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) is approved by a plebscite, the country can start to embrace its post-conflict era.

(Soundbite) Alirio Uribe, Colombian Chamber Deputy
“I think the FARC is a very hierarchical organization with secretariat and headquarters which can guarantee that the majority, if not all, of the blocs will demobilize. It is normal for there to be dissidents. This happens in every conflict. … I think that, only on D-Day and six months after disarmament, will we be able to see if there are differences within the FARC or not.”

The currently 7,000-strong FARC are supposed to hand over weapons to some 400 United Nations monitors within six months, in so-called “normalization zones” for demobilization process.

(Soundbite) Antonio Caballero, Colombian Political Analyst
“The entire world wants to help and participate in the post-conflict environment. This is part of globalization. Globalization does not have only one focal point in the United States or Western Europe. It has many focal points and China is clearly one of them.”

After full peace is approved and realized, the FARC expectes and is expected to transform into a political movement, though leaning left, and join the construction of the nation.

(Soundbite) Victor Manuel Batidez, Colombian Citizen
“They (the FARC) have their own plan to become respectable. It is clear to the country that they will become part of the popular movement. They will surely unite with the rest of the left, with the more progressive areas, and with those who want to build a new country. The people who want to build above all are those who are in an insurgency today but will quickly become a political movement, actively taking part in building a new country.”

(Soundbite) Alirio Uribe, Colombian Chamber Deputy
“Inevitably, the international community plays a very important role here. We invite all humanity to join the building of peace. It is a task for all of humanity. … It can be very influential with the government and other countries helping the Colombian peace process. I also feel China will be expanding its international relations. I hope that China plays this part as a powerful country on the global stage and becomes a pillar of support for peace in Colombia.”

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