Praying for auspicious New Year with ancient sacrifice ritual

On Monday, the first day of the Spring Festival, an ancient sacrifice ritual was held at the Wuhou Temple to pray for an auspicious New Year.

SOUNDBITE (CHINESE) Commissioner of sacrifices
“May God save Sichuan. May peace and good harvest be with Sichuan.”

When the ritual ended, many visitors lined up to touch a lucky rock at the temple.

SOUNDBITE (CHINESE) Local resident
“It’ s a tradition to come here during the lunar New Year. We just want to have fun.”

SOUNDBITE (CHINESE) Local resident
“We’ re here for good luck. It’ s a nice day and life is getter better.”

The Wuhou Temple is the most famous and influential temple dedicated to Zhuge Liang, a historic figure in the Three Kingdoms period of China.

Zhuge was a renowned military strategist for Emperor Liu Bei of the Shu Kingdom, who lived from 181 to 234 AD.

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