President elect of Peru to uphold existing foreign policy, with special emphasis on China

President-elect of Peru Pedro Pablo Kuczynski told Xinhua on July 13 that his administration, starting on July 28, will prioritize economic development and maintain a foreign policy of open doors, with emphasis laid on China.

(Soundbite) Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, President-elect of Peru
“There is no change of policy. The governments of (Alejandro) Toledo, Alan (Garcia) and (Ollanta) Humala and mine all promote good investment and environmentally responsible mining.”

At the library of his residence in Lima’s San Isidro District, Kuczynski reiterated that the Peruvian foreign policy will be to maintain good relations with all countries, while noting that China will be of special interest, because it is the main trading partner of the South American country.

(Soundbite) Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, President-elect of Peru
“Yes, look, our foreign policy is an open one with good relations with all countries. Obviously, as I have said, as China is our main market, we will put special emphasis on it.”

As Peru will host the next Summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in November, the president-elect said that he will be interested in talking with Chinese President Xi Jinping on bilateral trade and Chinese industrial investment in Peru.

Peru would like to promote reasonable environmental standards in processing minerals such as copper and iron on the Peruvian soil, he added.

On the railway project that connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans by crossing Peru and Brazil, the future head of state said that it is an interesting idea, but deep study is required.

(Soundbite) Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, President-elect of Peru
“Let us see what the study says. Studies of major projects have to be very careful.”

Several times in China, Kuczynski has promised that his first official visit abroad after taking over the presidency will be to China.

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