President Xi’s UN overtures “generous opportunity” for developing countries: experts

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s initiatives at the United Nations are “generous” and “big chance” for the progress of developing countries, according to analysts.

President Xi visited the UN late last month, delivering a speech both at the UN Development Summit and during the UN General Assembly debate.

During a recent visit to the United Nations, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced initiatives to help developing countries on the path of progress and development.

Observers say these initiatives are “generous” and show China’s responsibility for promoting equitable development.

SOUNDBITE2(ENGLISH) DOUGLAS PAAL, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
“This, to me, is clearly an effort by China to respond to calls to presume a greater role in managing the global economy, security, environment and health issues appropriate to the GDP it now has.”

On Sept. 28, Xi announced that China will set up a fund, with initial contribution of $2 bln, to support South-South Cooperation and assist developing countries in implementing their post-2015 development agenda.

SOUNDBITE(ARABIC) TAREK ELSONOTY, Al-Ahram Deputy Chief Editor 04: 52-05: 15
“China has always paid attention to the interests of developing countries, especially African countries. When the Ebola crisis broke out, China sent medical teams to Africa, which shows the responsibility China is obliged to take as a developing country.”

The Egyptian analyst says China’s development aid has “no political premises,” while all the assistance granted by Europe, the U.S., the IMF and the World Bank are associated with certain political terms.

He says the initiative is “big opportunity” for the recipient countries and will help in achieving renaissance for those countries.

Meanwhile, other observers say, Xi’s speech at the UN also focused on advancing win-win cooperation in international relations.

“I think what he is calling for is a global change in attitude to the way things are to be done, essentially thinking in a positive way and calling for an element of trust and good will that while protecting your interests knowing what interests are, you also give the other side the benefit of doubt, it also wants to do right things in a positive way and so we cooperate in that and when there is cooperation that unwarranted rivalry then the whole system improves and people can relate better.”

At the UN General Assembly, Xi said China will establish a $1 bln China-UN peace and development fund to support the UN’s work, advance multilateral cooperation and contribute more to world peace and development.

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