President Xi’s visit to Poland

Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Poland during his three-nation Eurasia tour. Xi’s visit was expected to help further align China’s Belt and Road Initiative with Poland’s development plans, and promote Poland’s role as an “engine” to boost cooperation between China and Central and Eastern Europe. How can both sides deepen joint interests, and step up development strategies and cooperation? Poland is located at the Eurasian crossroads, the intersection of the Amber Road and the Silk Road. What role could Poland play in the Belt and Road Initiative? And how could the initiative benefit the Polish economy?  Join us for a panel discussion with Wang Yiwei, Director of the Center for EU Studies at Renmin University of China; in Warsaw, Poland, Bogdan Goralczyk, Professor and Director of the Center for Europe at the University of Warsaw; and in Brussels, Belgium, Daniel Gros, Director of the Center for European Policy Studies.

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