Purest water found at southern tip of Chile

Driving 3,551 kilometers from Santiago to the extreme southern tip of Chile, one can find the purest water in the world in the town of Puerto Williams in the Magallanes region.

The conclusion was recently drawn by the researchers from the University of Magallanes and the University of North Texas in the United States, after they took samples over 10 days from a number of rivers and other sources of fresh water in the area.

At least two parts of chemicals were usually detected every million parts of water, and in the water samples of Magallanes, no chemicals were detected.

The air and water here were believed to have purity, within an ecosystem that existed even before the Industrial Revolution.

According to the research, extremely pure water was also found in the Torres del Paine National Park, also in Chile’s Magallanes region, as well as in southeastern China, west Australia and Upstate New York of the United States.

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