Putin meets Abbas on Middle East conflict

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday voiced his country’s support for Palestinian efforts to settle conflicts with Israel.

SOUNDBITE 1(Russian) VLADIMIR PUTIN, President of Russia
“I know that you are making strenuous efforts to facilitate the settlement process. And we will be supporting your efforts aimed at the activation of all means that are necessary to establish a constructive dialogue.”

Abbas, for his part, urged the international community to define the principles on which the Middle East settlement could be reached, and to formulate a timetable for negotiations to make final decisions.

SOUNDBITE(Arabic) Mahmoud Abbas, President of Palestine: “As you know, political negotiations between Palestine and Israel are not being held at the moment. This means that on top of the agenda are individual questions on contacts with the Israelis on security regarding the A-zone in Palestine.”

On Thursday, Putin is scheduled to meet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Moscow.

According to the Kremlin, Putin and Netanyahu are expected to discuss, among others, the current situation and prospects of the Palestinian-Israeli peace process.

Abbas’ visit came amid an ongoing wave of violence between Israel and Palestinians, which has so far left over 200 Palestinians and 30 Israelis dead.

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