Quake death toll breaks 520 in Ecuador, rescue and aid keep rushing in

Night and day.
Mechanical and bare handed.

As the multi-national salvation went on, the death toll surpassed 520 on April 20, four days after Ecuador was stricken by the magnitude-7.8 earthquake, the strongest one in decades.

(Soundbite) Rescuer from National Police
“… With the experience with such situation and trained dogs, we are working with other agencies to locate victims. This helps tranquilize the families of serious loss. ”

To make things worse, a fresh tremor of 6.1 magnitude jolted the beach at dawn, further rattling the coastal area of Ecuador.

(Soundbite) Resident of Pedernales
“… Never in my life I thought that something like this could happen to Pedernales. We had endured other strong earthquakes, … but this one was much, much more devastating.”

President Rafael Correa looked anxious and heavy-hearted, while he visited the Pedernales region along the Pacific shore on April 18.

(Soundbite) Rafael Correa, Ecuadorean President
“Look, it was almost 8 degree on the Richter Scale. In Japan or the United States, the same quake will be difficult too, but probably less difficult and less catastrophic. Here is worse, because the soil is flattening and there are structural flaws.”

International rescue teams and aid were flooding into Ecuador.
Among them, the Red Cross Society of China had provided 100,000 U.S. dollars in cash for emergency assistance.

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