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Shaun and Leanne were stumped when their son Dylan was born with hearing loss. How could they raise a child who couldn’t hear what they were saying?

Dylan is now 4-years-old and studying in a mainstream kindergarten. But his parents are at a crossroads. To try and restore hearing in Dylan’s ears and reduce the need for him to communicate via sign language, Shaun and Leanne want him to get a cochlear implant – a device that will stimulate the nerve endings in the cochlear and provide sound transmission signals to the brain.

But the operation comes at a risk.

Before they can even do it, the Otolaryngology specialist at Singapore General Hospital informs them of a problem lurking in Dylan’s middle ear – a non-cancerous growth that is causing his hearing to deteriorate further.

More about the series ‘This is What I Hear’: Four hard-of-hearing individuals – a boy going for ear surgery, a teenage athlete rising in her bowling career, a young dancer, and an accomplished pianist – let us into their lives to understand the challenges and misconceptions of the world of the deaf.

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