Rare footage shows wild Amur tiger mother and her four cubs

Rare camera footage was released by a biological diversity research team in Beijing Normal University recently. The video was shot in Hunchun, Jilin Province in November, 2013. It shows four curious tiger cubs following their mom and even stopping to look at the camera.

The precious video spotlights the significant value in natural habitat animal study, helping the team to analyze the population status of the endangered wild Amur tigers, one of China’s first-level protected animals. It’s estimated that 27 wild Amur tigers and 42 wild Amur leopards live in Jilin’s east Hunchun city from 2012 to 2014.

After the video went viral online, some netizens questioned why the team released it over two years later. A Weibo user @wojiaolixiaoming guessed that the team was probably trying to protect the wild Amur tiger mother and cubs from being hunted by hunters. The comment was supported by many other netizens in agreement.

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