Rare footage: Wild panda couple’s natural mating

Two giant pandas were caught mating in the wild.

The rare footage was filmed at the Foping Nature Reserve in northwest China’s Shaanxi Province by the reserve’s staff on April 4.

Workers at the reserve first spotted the two wild pandas on March 26, when the female was up in a tree and the male was wooing her on the ground.

In the next 10 days, the female panda moved between five to six trees to make herself comfortable. She was chased by the male panda every time she climbed down a tree.

But the mating didn’t begin until April 4. Staff at the reserve say it lasted three to four minutes.

Pandas have infamously solitary lifestyles — female pandas only tolerate a male’s presence around them two to three days a year during mating season, which usually lasts from March to May.

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