RAW:Black turtles released to western Mexican bay

Some black turtles were released to the Magdalena Bay in Mexico’s western state of Baja California Sur during the first week of August.
Conservationists have spent years here taking care of the endangered species within the area.

(Soundbite) Salvador Lucero, Conservationist
“Let them know the work was started one month ago, plus year-long monitoring in Magdalena Bay. We have done measurements of the turtles, including their width, length and weight, and then we set them free.”

(Nat Sound: Underwater View of Turtle Swimming)

(Soundbite) Carmelita Solis, Conservationist
“We are focusing on the welfare of the community, especially that of the future generations who are now the children, because we believe we can help them switch to a better world which will benefit them.”

(Soundbite) Eunice Guzman, Wisitor
“I think that it is a very important and very interesting activity for the whole community to help us care for the turtles. We teach the new generations that they are not due to capture but must be taken care of.”

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