RAW: 20,000 people march in San Jose for LGBTI pride and rights

About 20,000 people take to the streets on June 26 in Costa Rica’s capital city San Jose during the March of Diversity in support of and binding together the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and inter-sexual (LGBTI) members of the society.

(Soundbite) MARIO ACUNA, Participant
“For me it is a walk with my friend for pride. This march is very representative, because here we are exposing ourselves. Many people do not know about us, but we know who we are.”

(Soundbite) CLAUDIA SALAS, Participant
“For all of us, it is great pride, of course, to belong to the march of diversity, since we all come to express our taste. The rights are equal for absolutely everyone.”

(Soundbite) LAURA CONTRERAS, Participant
“Actually being here represents something very exciting for us. We have represented the cause for a long time. I have been shivering all day to see so many people and so much manifestation of love and diversity. I hope this to be the beginning of a wide opening legalization of visibility.”

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