RAW: A look at the final stage of Russia’s anti-terror tactical drills

The final stages of tactical drills involving Russia’s National Guard and Ministry of Defence units was held in the Volgograd Region on Thursday.

The exercises saw almost 4,000 troops focus on crisis resolution and fighting terrorists with an impressive array of hardware.

More than 500 units of military hardware were deployed including flamethrowers, grenade-launchers, BTR-80 APCs, T-80 tanks and the MI-24 and MI-8 helicopters.

Troops from the North Caucasus Military District, airborne units, special rapid response units and OMON paramilitary police all took part in the drills, alongside other units.

The purpose of the exercise is to enhance border and public security against possible acts of terrorism, secure state facilities and inhibit weapons trafficking.

The exercises started on July 25 and are due to conclude on Saturday, July 30.

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